Spending less time indoors

COVID-19 can spread more easily indoors than outdoors. When you’re outside, fresh air is always moving, so COVID-19 stays in the air for less time. Indoors, it can stay in the air longer, which makes it easier for it to spread to other people. You can lower your chance of getting COVID-19 by spending less time indoors around people you don’t live with or stay with.

If you have to be indoors, ask someone to open windows and doors to the outside to improve air flow. Turning on the heat, air conditioning, or air purifier can help, but it is not enough to prevent COVID-19 on its own.

Examples of spending less time indoors:

  • Choose a restaurant that has tables outside, rather than tables in a tent with walls.
  • At work, try a walking meeting or hold the morning huddle outside.
  • Hold a memorial service outside.

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