If you live in shared housing

If you live in shared housing, it may be harder to stay apart from other people. Shared housing includes shelters, transitional housing, group homes, dorms, and long-term care.

You may be around other people while:

  • Spending time in shared areas
  • Eating or cooking in shared areas
  • Doing laundry
  • Exercising in shared areas
  • Using the stairs or elevators

The strategies in SAFER COVID-19 can help lower your chance of getting COVID-19 when you live in shared housing.

More ideas to keep yourself safer:

  • Be flexible if rules change, like the number of people allowed at one time in common areas.
  • If you see people in small areas, like stairwells and elevators, consider waiting until there is more room.
  • Do not share used dishes, cups, or utensils without washing them first.
  • In a shared bathroom, use a bag or shower caddy for your items so they do not touch the counter.
  • If somebody gets sick, you can put a curtain or other divider around their bed to lower the chance of spreading COVID-19.