If you are hosting or planning a get-together

When you are hosting or planning a get-together, your SAFER COVID-19 plan can also include ways to keep others safer from COVID-19. 

These are examples of strategies that hosts and planners can use to protect their guests.


  • Tell people not to come if they are sick or if they have been around somebody with COVID-19.
  • Ask guests to get a COVID-19 test before they attend the get-together.

Wearing a mask

  • Ask people to wear masks.

Staying farther apart from other people

  • Choose a larger place where people can stay farther apart from each other.
  • Reserve the whole space.
  • Avoid planning things that involve people breathing hard, like shouting, singing, cheering, chanting, or exercising.

Spending less time indoors

  • Plan the get-together outdoors, or spend less time indoors.
  • If you have to be indoors, open windows and doors to the outside.

Being around fewer people

  • Invite fewer people.
  • If you will be in a place where other people are around, like a restaurant, plan to go at a less crowded time.

Spending less time around people

  • Plan a shorter get-together, including an end time.

Limiting food and drink

  • Skip the food and drink, or plan less time for eating and drinking.
  • Avoid self-serve food or drink and shared serving utensils.
  • Provide individual portions of food and drink.

Avoiding touching people

  • Avoid planning things that involve people touching, like dancing.

Avoiding touching things

  • Avoid planning activities with shared objects, like playing cards or poker chips.

Washing your hands

  • Have a place where people can wash their hands.

Using hand sanitizer

  • In addition to a place where people can wash their hands, provide hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Virtual options

  • Host the get-together virtually, or give people the option to join virtually.

Additional options

  • Have the get-together less often.
  • Learn about COVID-19 restrictions your area that might affect your get-together.
  • Ask the place where you will hold the get-together about how they are keeping people safer from COVID-19.
  • Talk to people attending your get-together about how you will keep them safer from COVID-19.
  • Encourage your guests to use SAFER COVID-19.

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