Checking in with yourself

Before talking to others, ask yourself, “How am I feeling right now?” You may feel worried, sad, angry, scared, or even numb. These feelings are normal. In stressful situations, our emotions can be “louder” and make it harder to think straight.

The way you feel can affect your conversations. When talking with others, people hear what you’re saying and also the emotion behind it. When listening to others, your emotions can change how you understand them.

Try naming the way you feel, either in your head or out loud. For example, “I feel anxious right now.” This will help you consider how other people might hear your words. It can also help you understand your reactions to what other people say. Naming your emotions can actually help you feel better, too. If you’re having lots of tough feelings, or if they last for a long time, take a look at our Mental Health Resources.

Struggling to name how you feel? Try using this emotion wheel.

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